Sunday, August 17, 2014

What I Wore: Vienna Chic

Shirt, skirt & melon bag: h&m, borrowed by Stef
Sandals: saltwater sandals, borrowed by Stef
Hat: nanu nana
Necklace: LiebeLu via DaWanda

Hallo everyone, here's a new contribution to my outfit gallery! :) Nearly three weeks ago, I spent one wonderful week in Vienna. Anja and I have been visiting Stef and stayed there for an awesome time.
On the last few days, Stef and I shot photos for some outfit posts. We first did that during our very first time together while we and Stefanie have been working on our 'How to shop and style vintage clothes' guide and noticed how well this works. :)
This time, we decided on something different: Stef and I share the love for pretty clothes and accessories and although our style sometimes is similar, it usually is quite different, especially with regard to our preferred colors we wear. Since we have similar clothing sizes and the same shoe size, we have already been switching some outfit pieces last time and thought about doing this again. But: now we wanted to wear an outfit in which we feel still feel comfortable, BUT which normally perfectly fits the style of the other. So in the end, I got to wear a super pretty typical Stef-outfit with red, white and neutrals (I normally only seldomly wear red) and Stef got to wear a typical Lu-outfit with pink and mint. You can see Stef's outfit switch on her blog this evening. :)
So here's mine:
Tadaaaaa! I love both outfits A LOT, but it's so funny how choosing other colors, shapes and accessories totally changes the overall look and makes me even look much older and mature. :) Such a fun experiment! Moreover, the most fun thing probably was watching Stef in my clothes, imagining how I normally look wearing them myself, giggling at each other about the switch. ;) 

My Vienna Chic Switch Outfit

  Now here's what I wore during our fun shot at the pretty Belvedere castle in the center of beautiful Vienna, having the view over the city in the background and enjoying a super pretty and relaxing day. Wearing this color combination for me rather felt like being in late summer and I loved the neutrals matching this bright red.
Those saltwater sandals are simply great (I have a pair in turquoise myself and I love them a lot) and they nicely match the skirt (I wish I had stolen it from Stef... ;)) and the watermelon bag.
When looking at those photos, I again totally feel the relaxation of this moment and the nice fresh summer breeze that we had on that day during our outfit shoot. I miss Vienna and the girls!
This necklace is such a treasure, I love that you can combine it with nearly everything.
Wearing this outfit felt super comfortable and I loved stepping out of my normal comfort zone a little bit. Maybe I sometimes should also include some neutrals and more red into my wardrobe for getting more variety into what I am wearing.

This was a super fun project and I'm already looking forward to doing this again with Stef one day! :)
Hoorrayyyy for friends who share your interests and have fun at doing something like this with you!

Don't forget to check out her blogpost later today and have a lovely Sunday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recipe: Exotic Bagels

Hello everyone! Remember my tropical food table I made some weeks ago? :) Here's still one of the recipes, this time it's for super delicious and exotic bagels, hmmm. See yourself!

What you need for your exotic bagels:

You need:
- Sesame bagels
- Pineapple curd cheese
- Rucola salad
- Fresh apricots
- Grilled cheese
- Salt and pepper

Make your own exotic bagels:

Cut the bagels into halves, spread the pineapple curd cheese on them and add salad and apricot slices. Then add salt and pepper.
To prevent the bagels from falling apart, use yarn to hold the layers together. I used my pretty yarn I once got from Garn & mehr. :)
Hmmm, so delicious! I love mixing sweet and savory ingredients, so good!
Enjoy those fresh and fruity summer bagels, they are so so good!

In case you are looking for even more recipes, make sure to check out my recipe archive. :)
Happy day,