Monday, November 30, 2015

DIY: Christmas Stamps and Holiday Packaging / Advent Calendar in Natural Colors

Hey everyone! Yippie yay, December is super close and here is some last minute inspiration for Advent calendar packaging or simple gift wrapping for Christmas and the holiday season.
As some of you might know, I looove handmade stamps and I have many different sizes and shapes. It's so easy to be made and so pretty.

Make your own Christmas Stamps:

Have a look at my DIY for (Christmas) rubber stamps and find out how to easily make stamps yourself.
You can then use them to embellish gift tags, name tags or even to stamp simple wrapping paper.
This year, I used the stamps for number cards for an Advent calendar.
Since I love handlettering so much, I used brushpens for writing down the numbers. Then I either used masking tape or Garn & mehr's yarn to attach the stamped number cards to the wrapped gift and paper bags (here's a tutorial for folding paper gift bags yourself). :)

Have fun with your last minute Advent calendar or with wrapping Christmas presents.
In case you need some more Advent calendar or holiday inspiration, check out my other Christmas related blogposts! :)

Happy week!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sponsored: What We wore - A Best Friend's Fall Outfit with mydearlove (& Giveaway)

Yippie yay, time for a new outit post! Some months ago, I did a dungaree outfit post for which I teamed up with mydearlove and now I was again able to choose something from their pretty collection of clothes for a cooperation.

Coat: c/o my mydearlove
Oxford shoes: Vagabond via Zalando
Bag: asos
Tights and dotty dress: h&m
Scarf and wrist warmers: handmade

What I Wore: My mydearlove Coat

Yippie yay, I've got a new coat. It is handmade in Germany by Anke's and Moni's team. It is the second time we have partnered for a fashion cooperation and I again got a new piece of clothing which was sewn exactly for my measurements.

But this time, it's even more special: it's a friend's outfit together with my wonderful best friend Anja who writes aentschie's Blog.
Our personality and temper are totally different, but we couldn't fit together any better. It feels like she is my other half! The funny thing is that this is really similar with our style of clothing. Anja rather wears dark colors, I am more colorful, but when it comes to shapes and styles, we often like the same things.
Thus, we both chose something from the current mydearlove collection and combined it the way which is natural for us. We both chose the same coat made of practical and pretty softshell fabric and picked different colors and embellishments. Anja chose a black version with dots, I chose grey with a heart pattern to combine the coat with bright colors.
Perfect for this sunny fall day, I chose a bright orange shade for my tights and picked out my green handmade crochet scarf and wrist warmers.
Anja is the prettiest with her dotted hoodie! I like how the coat is playful and girly and still fits her casual look. And did you notice the leaves whirling up and down? We had wonderful help during out outfit shoot! :D

The hood is big and cozy and the fabric really lets rain drops pearl off. Then there are pockets (so important - I don't like coats without pockets), the pretty collar matching the hood and decorative seams which gather the fabric at the bosom - I had to get used to them a bit, because they highlight the bust a lot. ;)
Anja combined the coat with typical fall colors and her cozy and casual look with layers, brown boots, a pretty bag and a huge comfy scarf.
That smile makes me oh so happy! And doesn't she look pretty in her coat? We were so lucky with that wonderful sunny weather two weeks ago in the park on a Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed one of the last warm days in the sun.
Dots and hearts. :)

Oh wonderful season!
Just like Anja said when looking trough the photos: we are like yin and yang. Complementing each other in sense of personality and also in style. When looking at this photo, it feels a little bit like those funny elder people who wear matching rain coats, just in different colors. ;)
Fall is wonderful and such a lovely season. Leaves turn brown, red and yellow, everything is getting cozy and you can get out and collect mushrooms. I love this time of the year and now we both have a new companion to complement our wardrobe.

In case you have just fallen in love with mydearlove and their handmade clothes made for women who still adore a girly style and playful shapes, here's a little surprise for you:

Giveaway: Win a mydearlove Shirt 

Photo credit: mydearlove

Try your luck and win this pretty Mydear shirt with a heart in size M. Here's what you need to do:

Terms for entering the giveway:
- Leave a comment under this blogpost with your name and e-mail adress and a link to a product that you like from the mydearlove DaWanda shop
- Only one entry per person, only complete entries with e-mail adress and name count.
- You have to be at least 18 years old to participate.
- The giveaway ends on Sunday, November 29th, on 6 p.m. and is open to worldwide participation. I will a winner randomly and contact him or her via e-mail. If I don't get a response with the shipping adress within 14 days, I will determine a new winner.
- The giveaway takes place without the possibility of recourse to legal action, the prize won't be payed in cash.
- The e-mail adress of the winners will be published on this blog and by participating, you agree to this.
- The winner will receive the shirt via mail.
Good luck! :)

So thank you again for making those lovely coats for us, mydearlove! :)
Happy fall days - winter is coming soon.

P.S.: This is a sponsored post and was written for a cooperation with mydearlove. Of course what I write is my personal opinion and I only write about brands that I like. :)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Home Tour 2015: Colorful Bedroom Happiness

Hello everyone! Back in April, I have taken tons of bright photos for a home tour and haven't found the time to publish them, yet. In the meantime, some things have changed again, but here's how my home has been looking most of the time in 2015, such a beautiful place to feel comfortable at! :)

So the first room I want to show you is my oh so colorful bedroom with clothing rack, golden mirror backround (leftover from a party photo corner ;))), colorful accessories and sweater collection. A place to relax and to plan fashion adventures.

Luloveshandmade at Home: The Bedroom

The corner where I get dresses up. Oh how much I love that colorfulness!
The view into the bedroom from the living-room / workspace.
The crochet basket on the nightstand is handmade.
Here's the view to the kitchen. All rooms are connected with each other and you could run around in circles all day. :D
You know nothing, Jon Snow! ;) The typewriter is from my mother and is a really pretty vintage piece. The calligraphy quote is one of my fave fleamarket treasures ever! :)
Memories and sweater and cardigan collection.
Dressing up is a hard choice every day! :)
Thanks for joining my home tour! :)
Is your home colorful, too?

Happy weekend! :)