Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Getting Started with Handlettering (with Pinterest) - And Free Handlettering Printables for Valentine's Day

Hello my sweet readers! Today I've got a really special blogpost for you, a mixture of a freebie, a tutorial and an advice blogpost.
Let's start here: my friends Anja, Sina and Janine have recently all been talking a lot about handlettering and I got super curious about it. Moreover, lovely and super talented blogger and Instagram pals like Frau Hölle or Roxy Prima have inspired me even more.
 So I wanted to give handlettering a try and started doodling some letters and made first sketches.

Handlettering with the help of Pinterest:

After some first tries which came out really good and better than I had expected (see my first steps and development on Instagram under the hashtag #LuloveshandmadesHandletteringAdventures), I wanted more. :D I recognized that my letter inventory was really limited, so I thought that there wouldn't be any better place than Pinterest to seach for letter inspiration. :)
First of all, I started filling my brand new handlettering & calligraphy board and got super duper inspired again.
Then I looked at my typo & fonts board which I had already been filling for several months. On Pinterest you can find thousands of lovely fonts in all different kinds of styles, this is so exciting and interesting at the same time.
My next step then was to simply copy and imitate fonts that I liked and this was great practice. Thus, my hand got used to all the movements and while really practicing and not only looking at pretty fonts, I was able to learn better.

I picked out single letters that I liked and formed new words myself. This was tons of fun.
Doing this was so satisfying and these days I also often browse my Pinterest handlettering and fonts boards on the train, looking for new inspiration and excercises for then being able to create new words and layouts with handlettering all by myself.
When trying out a new motif, I always start with a rough pencil sketch. I then erase a lot, correct a lack of symmetry, adjust sizes and font styles and experiment a little.
Then I either use my sharpie pen or my staedler pens to draw the lines in black. It's always so much fun letting a phrase in my head or a quick thought become visible on paper and then even in such a pretty way. Practice makes perfect and got totally hooked and will work on becoming better. So much fun! :)

Free Valentine's Day Handlettering Printables

>>> Download this Valentine's Day printable 

To thank you for your support and your sweet encouragement and all the flattering compliments on Instagram, I'm now sharing my Valentine's Day motifs with you as a free download, yippie! :) Either hang them on a wall, send them as postcard or give them away as a sweet message for someone you love.

PLEASE NOTE: you will see the full size after the download is complete! :)

>>> Download this Valentine's Day printable  

>>> Download this Valentine's Day printable  

>>> Download this Valentine's Day printable  

The first one is my one favorite, because it came super spontaneously and didn't take any research or practice, it just came super naturally (I only changed the cupcake afterwards so that it is at least recocnizable as a cupcake ;)) and the last one is my other favorite, because I made it in a moment of pure joy and excitement and it will always remind me of this special memory. :)

So have fun with downloading those handletting pieces of mine and enjoy giving them to someone special! :)

If you plan on posting them online, tag me in the photo on Instagram (@luloveshandmade), I'd love to see those prints in their new homes! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, have fun with handlettering and using Pinterest as inspiration and learning tool for this. :)

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, I'm thankful for you!

Lu ;)

P.S.: This blogpost was written during a cooperation with Pinterest and this does of course not influence my personal opinion!

Monday, February 09, 2015

A Hamburg Trip with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Oh wow, this past weekend was super great! You know why? It included ice cream and a short trip to wonderful Hamburg! :)
But let's start here: last summer, I took part in Ben & Jerry's Taste & Tunes Tour, spent the afternoon at their event in Berlin, took photos, handed out the most delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream and enjoyed live music under the hot summer sun (wow, writing this makes me really realy look forward to next summer! ;))
This time, Ben & Jerry's invited me again and this time it was about trying their new ice cream flavors at a lovely blogger event in Hamburg. So this past Friday, I packed my bag and drove to wonderful Hamburg which was awaiting me with the most beautiful winter weather.
On the train, some handlettering and drawing got me into the perfect mood for eating ice cream all evening and this awesome sunshine weather and the palm trees at Park Fiction even intensified this. :)
Ben & Jerry's had invited some other lovely bloggers and me to join them for an evening at an old piano factory where they had prettily decorated everything for us and prepared delicious catering.
We got to know a lot about Ben & Jerry's ice cream mission, about how their brand had developed, about enrivonmental issues, sustainability and fair trade. If you are curious, you can read more about B & J on their website.
Apart from liking their mission, I also love Ben & Jerry's corporate design, everything is so bright and colorful.
The tables were decorated with flowers and we all got a pretty notebook and pen and a book with the history of this brand.
The food was delicous and each of us had a cookie with ones name at her place. ;)
After having some snacks and getting to know more about B & J, the most important and most anticipated part of the evening began - we got to try out the new ice cream flavors!! So exciting!! :)
One flavor is called 'What-a-lotta Chocolate Cookie Core' and the other one - my new favorite - is called 'Speculoos? Specu-Love. Cookie Core'. So both of them have a soft cookie core and also cookie pieces inside of the ice cream. Divine!
This flavor is just awesome, I could eat it all year, not just for Christmas! Hmmm! Both flavors are coming to stores this week, yayy!
It's a wonder I haven't gotten sick from eating that much delicious ice cream! :)
We also took some photos and drew on bubbles and made magnets with out photos. Sweeet! :) And I got to spend some time with lovely blogger pals, two of them were Nadine and Vivi, as seen here on the photo. :)
In the morning after having woken up from ice cream coma, I had a look into Ben & Jerry's lovingly designed press book and dived into more details about their philosophy.
To get rid of my ice cream coma, I also walked around Hamburg for a while and threw around some confetti pieces. :)
Eeeeeeeks, tons of ice cream happiness!
This was just a super perfect short trip with seeing Hamburg, meeting friends and lovely blogger pals and eating the most delicious ice cream. Thanks for having me, Ben & Jerry's! :)

And again to those of you who have gotten curious: the new flavors are coming to stores this week and I can't wait to get some more ice cream for myself. :)

Happy week!

P.S.: As you can see, this blogpost was written for a cooperation with Ben & Jerry's, but the fact that it is a sponsored post does not touch my personal opinion!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interview in the Sweet Living Magazine

Hello everyone! :) Eeeks, something exciting has happened, I have been featured on three pages in the current issue of the extremely beautiful Sweet Living Magazin.
I'm in there with an interview and some photos of my projects, it's just so incredibly exciting!
In case you haven't seen this pretty magazine and my feature, yet, make sure to grab an issue, it's full of colorful and bright living inspiration and the pages have the prettiest layouts and elements. :)

Happy day, have a lovely week!